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Thoughts on logging

A few weeks ago, I was asked to review a pull requests and amongst some of the suggestions I made was that I would really recommend adding more logging. It was only later when a member of the team asked me in slack what exactly I meant by that when I realised, I should have… Continue reading Thoughts on logging

Tools – glogg

One of the essential tools in my day-to-day toolbox is a simple local log viewing tool, when I was trying various tools out, I had three core requirements: It must be fast to load and be able to parse large log files. It must support live tailing of the log file, as the file is… Continue reading Tools – glogg

Windows Terminal Setup

So after inadvertently wiping out my Windows Terminal setup this past week I thought this would be a good candidate for my next post (and also a good record for myself!). I’ve been using Windows Terminal for a while now and followed its development while it was in beta. Before this I was using the… Continue reading Windows Terminal Setup